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'A pilot study of community-based self-sampling for HPV testing among non-attenders of cervical cancer screening programs in El Salvador'


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''Cervical cancer is the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer among women. The incidence of cervical cancer mortality in high-income countries has been successfully reduced through well-established screening programs. However, there have been challenges in setting up effective cervical cancer screening programs in low-income countries. One factor preventing the uptake of provider-based screening in low-income countries is women’s reluctance to have a pelvic examination. Laskow and colleagues have assessed the effectiveness of community-based self-sampling for HPV testing in a high risk population in El Salvador. The authors report a high level of acceptability among non-attenders of provider-based screening programs. 63% of women who participated in self-sampling reported that self-collection made them feel more empowered and in control. Future studies should compare the results of self-sampling with the results of provider-based screening.