Breastfeeding after breast cancer 'is not dangerous'

It is not dangerous for women to breastfeed after undergoing breast cancer treatments, according to new research.

Presenting their findings at the 35th Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), researchers from the Department of Medical Oncology at the
Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels, Belgium, said it was safe for both mothers and babies.

Despite this, many women are advised not to breastfeed their children.

"It is a pity that women are denied the opportunity to experience normal motherhood and newborns are denied the endless benefits of lactation due to fears not based on any evidence," said researcher Dr Hatem Azim.

"Denying breast cancer survivors the opportunity to become pregnant or breastfeed remains unjustified in the absence of supporting evidence."

"As oncologists, we should prioritise global women's health and encourage this approach," he added.

Over the past ten years in the UK, breast cancer rates have risen by five per cent.

Posted by Martine Ward ADNFCR-2094-ID-800109832-ADNFCR

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