Call for FIGO member feedback - WHO online survey

FIGO members are invited to participate in an online WHO survey: 

Dear Colleagues

I am a medical officer at the World Health Organization. As obstetrician-gynecologists and members of FIGO, we consider you to be valuable allies in improving access for your patients to family planning options around the world.  The World Health Organization produces rigorous, evidence-based guidance on contraceptive provision and is currently planning for an update of two important documents.  Specifically, the Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use speaks to ‘who’ can use contraceptive methods safely.  These recommendations provide a basis for rationalising the provision of various contraceptives in view of the most up to date information available on the safety of the methods for people with certain health conditions. The Selected practice recommendations for contraceptive use aim to provide guidance on ‘how’ to use contraceptive methods safely and effectively. Its goal is to assist national family planning/reproductive health programmes in the preparation of guidelines for contraceptive service delivery.  

As we prepare for the upcoming updates of both the WHO Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use and Selected practice recommendations for contraceptive use in 2014, we are soliciting feedback from various stakeholders in the field of family planning to inform our revision process.  Our goal is to ensure these documents remain relevant to family planning policies, programmes and service delivery.  To that end, we have created a survey to aid in the identification of priority outcomes for consideration as well as feedback about the inclusion of new information and user-friendly formats to increase the utility of the resulting documents.  

The following link directs to an online survey that should take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete: 

We are looking to gather feedback from individuals who have some familiarity with these documents.  Please complete the survey yourself if you feel qualified to respond, and share the link among colleagues within your professional network (s). It is our aim that this revision process is not only rigorous and transparent, but also grounded in the robust input obtained from a global, multidisciplinary group of stakeholders.  For those of you who are more comfortable in French or Spanish, there are links to the survey in these languages immediately upon clicking through to the above survey. 

We know that you are very busy, but we would appreciate your participation in the survey by 30 April, 2013. 

Any questions or comments about the survey can be addressed with myself, Sharon Phillips, MD, MPH, via email at 

Thank you in advance for your kind collaboration and important feedback! 

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