Latest FIGO Fistula Surgery Training Initiative Newsletter online!

The latest FIGO Fistula Surgery Training Initiative Newsletter is now online !

FIGO recruiting for new Conference Manager

FIGO is seeking to recruit a new Conference Manager . It is the only organisation that brings together professional societies of obstetricians and gynecologists on a global basis. For over 60 years FIGO has collaborated with the world's top health and donor bodies. FIGO currently has Member...

Misoprostol Dosage Chart - new release!

The new FIGO 2017 misoprostol-only dosage chart has been released! An update from the widely used 2012 chart detailing recommended dosages of misoprostol when used by itself for a variety of gynecological and obstetrical indications has been revised and expanded by an expert group and is now...

Aid scheme to help women in Sierra Leone

Life saving treatment is to be made available to pregnant women in Sierra Leone through a scheme launched today by the UK international development minister Ivan Lewis.

Multiple births 'cause higher risk of postpartum depression'

Women who deliver multiple offspring are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression, according to new research.

Radiation therapy 'may cause fertility problems'

A new study has indicated that there is a direct relationship between certain types of radiation therapy and fertility problems.

Northern Ireland extends HPV vaccination programme

A catch-up vaccination programme is to be conducted in Northern Ireland to protect young women against human papillomavirus (HPV), it has been reported.

Afghanistan women 'face high maternal mortality threat'

Political unrest and extreme poverty act as barriers to pregnant women in Afghanistan receiving the medical care they require before, during and after childbirth, it has been claimed.

Mothers smoking may increase SIDs risk for babies

Maternal smoking may increase an infant's risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), according to new research.

Ovarian cancer screening 'could help save lives'

Screening for ovarian cancer may help increase survival rates among sufferers, according to a new study.

Maternal deaths in Africa and Asia 'preventable'

The vast majority of maternal deaths in developing countries are preventable if women receive healthcare before, during and after they give birth, it has been suggested.

Guidance issued over radiation risk to pregnant women

Pregnant women should avoid medical examinations which expose the foetus to high doses of radiation, it has been suggested.

Bacteria presence 'may affect IVF success rate'

The presence of bacteria in follicular fluid (FF) - which surrounds individual eggs in the ovaries – may reduce the success rate of assisted reproductive procedures, researchers say...