FIGO World Congress 2021 - Sydney

The FIGO World Congress has taken place every three years since 1958.        #FIGO2021

FIGO's XXIII Congress will be held in Sydney, Australia, from 24-29 October 2021. 

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Ten Tracks at FIGO Sydney 2021:

1. Clinical Obstetrics
2. Maternal Fetal Health
3. General Gynecology
4. Reproductive Medicine
5. Urogynecology
6. Operative Gynecology
7. Gynecological Oncology
8. Special Topics
9. Women's health issues and policy
10. Sexual Health and Human Rights

More information coming soon!

Over 11,000 delegates attended our 2018 World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It was a week of cutting-edge discussions on the latest topics in women's health that will help shape global, regional and national policy. See just some of the highlights below.




Congress rotates through five continents every three years: the Africa-Eastern Mediterranean, Asia-Oceania, Europe, Latin America and North America regions.

Six years ahead of the event, the General Assembly will decide on the country/territory in which the Congress will be held based on the recommendations of the Executive Board.

Organising Committee

The FIGO Congress Organising Committee is responsible for all aspects of the organisation of the World Congress and, in addition, has a brief to investigate the feasibility of intermediate regional meetings, seminars or workshops according to perceived needs. 

Scientific Programme Committee

Planning of the Scientific Programme for the Congress is delegated to a dedicated Scientific Programme Committee. 

This is one of the most important elements of any FIGO World Congress and consists of seminars, 'meet the experts' sessions, debates, plenary sessions, discussions on new technology, new developments, updates and interactive sessions.

The programme includes oral free communications sessions and sponsored symposia.