The Global Library of Women's Medicine (GLOWM)

GLOWM is FIGO's educational platform, and is updated regularly.                                                         

Its objectives:

Improved healthcare of women

The objective of the site is to provide medical professionals worldwide with expert, peer reviewed guidance on best practice for women’s medicine.

Less-resourced countries

Whilst relevant everywhere, the site is designed to be of special additional value to less-resourced countries, where access to the latest information may not always be easily available.

Safer Motherhood

The site has a special focus on Safer Motherhood, offering a vast range of resources to support doctors, midwives and even community healthcare workers.


Access to the site is entirely FREE  - it contains no advertising and has no commercial objectives.  It has been funded by the Founders with the generous support of some recent donors and of over 900 authors who provide their contributions free.