Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy project

Duration: 2015-2018

Donor: Novo Nordisk, Perkin Elmer

Project contact: Matthew@figo.org

Background: Hyperglycemia in pregnancy is one of the most common medical conditions women encounter during pregnancy. It is associated with leading causes of maternal mortality, higher incidence of maternal, perinatal and neonatal morbidity, and later serious long term consequences for both mother and child. Addressing hyperglycemia in pregnancy is therefore key to reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases and reaching global Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015 FIGO published evidence-based guidelines on the diagnosis, management and care of women with gestational diabetes. Moving its work forward, the FIGO Working Group will endeavour to disseminate and implement the guidelines by designing and developing project activities and providing technical expertise and oversight to them. The Working Group has three sub-committees which will deliver targeted activities in the areas of Advocacy, Capacity Building and Training, and Research and Implementation Science.

Project aims: To disseminate and implement evidence-based standards of care protocols on caring for women with hyperglycemia in pregnancy in collaboration with obstetricians and gynecologists, diabetologists and other key healthcare professionals and workers.

Working Group on Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy

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