Information for Authors/Reviewers/Subscription

Information for authors:


Clinical trial registration: In complicance with ICMJE requirements, all clinical trials must be registered in a public trials registry. Please see the IJGO's Author Guidelines for more information. 


Information for reviewers:

Whether you are an experienced peer reviewer or are completing your first review, it can be helpful to have a few pointers about what to look out for when assessing a manuscript and how to structure your comments.

Visit IJGO's Reviewer Resources page for information about what IJGO is looking for from its reviewers, what comments are useful, how to assess Abstracts, and other resources.


To show appreciation, IJGO is pleased to offer the following benefits on completion of a review:

  • Free access to all IJGO content on Wiley Online Library for 30 days.
  • 30% discount on Wiley books.
  • Recognition for review contributions on Publons.


How to subscribe:


Visit IJGO's subscription section


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