Bangkok Hospital launches affordable IVF programme

Bangkok Hospital has implemented a new cut-price fertility programme which aims to save people money.

The package costs 80,000 Thai baht (£1,563) for oocyte pick up and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and the cost can be split into two payments of 60,000 Thai baht and 20,000 Thai baht.

Included is the cost of physicians, obstetricians and anaesthetists, medical supplies, drugs, embryo culture and the first year of freezing.

"Clinical depression rates for infertile women are around the same as for those undergoing cancer treatments, and we see so many couples unhappy because of the stress of infertility," comments the hospital's Dr Somboon Kunathikom.

"The new low-cost IVF programme should allow many more couples to experience the joy of children, which they've waited so long for", he continued.

It was recently reported that India's first budget IVF clinic, the Deccan Fertility Clinic and Keyhole Surgery Center had opened.

The clinic will provide surrogacy care, infertility treatment and an IVF lab.