FIGO Congress News: FIGO Global Guidance For Cervical Cancer Prevention And Control

A highlight of the 19th World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics this year in Cape Town is the release of FIGO’s Global Guidance for Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control (8 Oct 2009).

Written by international experts, this Guidance calls for a comprehensive approach to cervical cancer, including vaccination, screening and treatment strategies. The Guidance emphasizes the potential of new approaches in low-resource settings and the need for physicians to engage as educators, providers and advocates for a rights-focused, integrated approach to this disease. Intended to provide the latest information to clinicians and policy makers, the Guidance covers the most recent information on HPV vaccines and vaccination delivery strategies, new approaches and tools for early screening and treatment - including the Single Visit Approach and HPV testing - and FIGO guidance on cervical cancer treatment and care. Click here to download.