Hormone therapy linked with hearing loss in women

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been associated with hearing loss in women, a new study has found. 

Research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts looked into the effects of HRT and found that 23 per cent of participants who underwent the treatment developed hearing loss. 

As well as this, susceptibility to the condition increased due to longer periods of therapy. However, there was no link between the menopause and hearing loss. 

The investigation was designed to look at whether the menopause and postmenopausal hormone therapy could influence hearing loss and looked at the links between menopausal status, oral hormone therapy and self-reported hearing loss between 1991 and 2013.

The research has been published online in Menopause: The Journal of the North American Menopause Society. 

Past evidence suggests that healthy lifestyle choices can help to improve menopausal symptoms. Issues such as hot flashes and night sweats can be helped through weight loss, mindfulness and a healthy diet. 

On the other hand, smoking and drinking can aggravate the symptoms, so it is advisable to avoid these habits. In order to understand how to boost your health, be sure to speak to your GP for advice on where to find the necessary support. 

Sharon Curhan, lead author of the paper and a researcher at the Channing Division of Network Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, said:“Many factors contribute to acquired hearing loss, including age, genetics, noise, medical conditions, diet and lifestyle factors.

“Our research focuses on identifying preventable contributors to hearing loss. Although the role of sex hormones in hearing is complex and incompletely understood, these findings suggest that women who undergo natural menopause at an older age may have a higher risk.”

Ms Curhan explained that hearing health may be a consideration for women when it comes to examining the risks and advantages of hormone therapy. ADNFCR-2094-ID-801835767-ADNFCR