IVF success rate 'not affected by anxiety or depression'

Women with symptoms of anxiety or depression do not have reduced chances of becoming pregnant via IVF treatment, according to a new study.

Dutch researchers studied 783 women who were undergoing their first round of fertility treatment, with each participant filling a questionnaire to assess symptoms of depression or anxiety, reports Reuters.

The questionnaire was filled in two months before, one month before and one day before treatment took place.

It was found that anxiety and depression systems were not related to the odds of them conceiving through the IVF treatment.

Dr Bea Lintsen from Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, told the news agency the message "can be reassuring" for women undergoing the procedure.

"The chance of pregnancy seems not be influenced by anxiety or depression."

A woman from the UK recently got pregnant after using a new IVF treatment called array comparative genomic hybridisation, which screens eggs for abnormalities.