Pregnant women and newborns in danger due to Gaza conflict

Pregnant women and unborn babies have been forgotten about during the conflict in Gaza, according to the United National Population Fund (UNFPA).

The organisation claims the violence and displacement has placed serious risks on over 40,000 people in the area, with a lack of access to critical health services, including emergency obstetric care, placing them and their babies at risk.

UNFPA has expressed concerns about reports from the region of women entering premature labour and delivery due to "shock and trauma" from bombing.

Ahmed Obaid, UNFPA executive director, said people needing maternal health treatment have been "some of the unseen victims of the current crisis".

The lack of electricity could affect newborn health, with ailments such as hypothermia likely due to a lack of warm clothing or blankets, he added.

UNFPA has announced it is working with government agencies and non-government organisation to help pregnant women in Costa Rica following the recent earthquake, which forced almost 4,000 people to move to emergency shelters.