Turkey combating maternal and newborn health

Turkey has been praised for combating newborn health issues and reducing under-five and maternal mortality.

Reza Hossaini, Unicef representative, congratulated the government and people of Turkey for their hard work on reducing mortality figures over the last two decades.

The country has allocated a growing amount of financial, human and physical resources to maternal and newborn health over the time period, with figures steadily reducing.

New targets of no more than 250 maternal deaths in 2009 and 200 in 2010 have been set by the Turkish government.

Mr Hossaini, speaking at the launch of the latest Unicef publication The State of the World's Children 2009, said: "Unfortunately, lots of children and women around the world, confronted with war or with the cycle of poverty and disease, do not have the same opportunities and privileges as in Turkey."

Figures from Unicef have shown that a child born in a developing country is 14-times more likely to die within the first month of life than one in a developed nation.