UNFPA restoring obstetric and neonatal care in Gaza

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is working to restore obstetric and neonatal care in Gaza following the recent fighting.

It estimated that up to 3,700 babies were born during the incursion, with a number of care centres left without adequate medical equipment and health-care providers during the period.

Laila Baker, current head of UNFPA's humanitarian response in Gaza, said said even if a woman was "lucky enough to find an ambulance" there was "no guarantee" she would receive care at hospital.

She added: "At the height of the crisis most health facilities, including maternal wards and neonatal units, turned into trauma centres in order to care for the high number of people wounded."

UNFPA is also working to provide commodities including drinking water, bread and blankets to people left homeless or in shelters due to the crisis.

Supplies of sanitary suppliers, diapers and cleansing wipes are also being handed out to women and mothers.

US President Barack Obama recently pledged to restore funding to the UNFPA, after monies had previously been withheld by Congress in 2002.