Environmental Health

Health Impact of EDCs - new resource

A series of informative videos made by The Endocrine Society Task Force on Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals have been released, to aid clinicians in answering questions patients may have about EDCs.

Removal of glyphosate from global usage

Global research is underway to understand the potential impact of Glyphosate on human health.

Statement on Draft Strategy on health, environment and climate change

FIGO presents our statement on the Director-General's Draft Global Strategy on health, environment and climate change: the transformation needed to improve lives and well-being sustainable through healthy environments...

Climate, environment and health - the link

In many of the world’s most vulnerable communities’ climate extremes, such as the recent Cyclone Idai, are widening health inequities...

Statement on Health, Environment and Climate Change

FIGO presents our statement on Health, Environment and Climate Change at the 144th WHO Executive Board Meeting.

Fertility and environmental health

An OBGYN's perspective on reproductive and environmental health activism - and how it changed her own outlook...

Early Exposures to Toxics

Reproductive and developmental environmental health: considering the risks from pre-conception to the first two years of life

FIGO announces new President-Elect

Jeanne Conry has the distinguished honour of being the second woman to hold the position of President-Elect since FIGO was founded in 1954

Environmental threats to human health

Research shows that whether we are concerned with reproductive health, cancer, infertility, neonatal and childhood health or neurodevelopment; toxic exposures are implicated.

Environmental factors facing women's health

Environmental factors have been strongly linked to women's ability to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy...