Family Planning

Relationship advice 'limits risky experimentation'

Good relationship education has been shown to delay the point at which young people start having sex, it has been claimed. Rebecca Findlay, a spokesperson for the UK Family Planning Association, said advice is "really important" because it can help avoid risky experimentation...

'Ghana must have a coherent HIV/Aids strategy'

HIV and Aids initiatives in Ghana have taken a back seat as decentralisation of health policy approaches. Speaking at an Action Aid Ghana (AAG) meeting, Gilbert Nuuri-Teg, the upper-east regional focal person on HIV/Aids, was reported by the Ghana News Agency as saying that while awareness of the...

Zimbabwe 'failing on family planning services'

A lack of family planning and childbirth support services in Zimbabwe is threatening the lives of new and expectant mothers, it has been claimed. Health worker Clara Mabasa of Manesi-nood in Manhize, told that this shortage has led to a rise in unplanned pregnancies in the southern...

Young people 'need better sex and relationships advice'

Many young people are provided with inadequate education on sex and relationships, it has been claimed. According to Anna Martinez, co-ordinator of the UK Sex Education Forum, based at the National Children's Bureau, there is "a big gap" between the education young people need, and...

Governments 'should provide sex education for young people'

Sex education should be compulsory for all young people, according to one UK government body. A spokesperson for the Sex Education Forum claimed there is still a large gap between the relationship guidance that children and young people want and need, and what they actually get.

South Asia 'failing on reproductive health access'

Efforts to ensure universal reproductive health access across Asia are failing, it has been reported.

UN secretary general calls for commitment to Cairo Conference plan

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has marked the fifteenth anniversary of the 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).

Asian governments pledge to tackle women's health issues

Reducing maternal deaths should be a higher priority for South Asian governments, the Asian Forum for Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFFPD) has agreed.

Maternal health issues 'have fallen off radar'

Family planning and other reproductive health programmes vital to poor women have "fallen off the development radar", it has been claimed...

Women 'should have right to choose birth method'

Women who choose to have caesarean section births should not be criticised, according to a leading UK health expert.