Newborn Health

Tackling pneumonia 'remains a challenge in Bangladesh'

Tackling pneumonia among children in Bangladesh is proving to be difficult, an official has admitted. According to Dr Shams El Arifeen, director of the centre for child and adolescent health at Icddr,b, progress in dealing with a number of widespread health issues in the country has been made in...

Funding for child death prevention 'must be better targeted'

The number of child deaths in developing nations could be reduced significantly if funding for prevention programmes is better targeted, experts have insisted. According to the Centre for Infectious Disease Research, much of the money allocated to addressing this issue is spent on technology, the...

Cause of child mortality spike in southern Pakistan unclear, says UN body

A UN body has admitted it is unsure what has fuelled an increase in child mortality in southern Pakistan. According to Hazem El Mahi of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, it is possible that numerous factors are driving up the number of fatalities in Sindh province, Arab...

Unicef hails drops in child mortality in Niger

Unicef has welcomed a drop in child mortality in Niger throughout the last decade. According to the latest figures from the organisation, there were 66 deaths among children aged less than a year old during 2011. This compares with 133 in 1992.

40m women 'give birth without trained help'

Approximately 40 million women around the world give birth without trained assistance, new figures have revealed. According to Save the Children, this is a particularly big problem in Ethiopia, as skilled help is on hand in just ten per cent of births.

One million babies 'die within 24 hours of birth' each year

Improvements have been made over the past ten years with regard to child mortality due to immunisation and advances in family planning. However, more than a million babies survive for no longer than 24 hours after being born, new research has revealed.

Kenya hails drop in child mortality rate

A Kenyan government official has welcomed a recent decline in the country's child mortality rate. According to health secretary James Macharia, 64 per cent of under-fives in Kenya were immunised against communicable diseases ten years ago, Capital News reports. However, he said this has since...

Nigerian state hails drop in maternal and child mortality rates

Officials in the Nigerian state of Lagos have welcomed a decline in the number of maternal and child fatalities. According to state commissioner Dr Jide Idris, there were 20,638 safe deliveries in the area between January and October 2013, the Vanguard reports.

Ethiopia urged to tackle high rate of newborn deaths

Authorities in Ethiopia have been urged to take action to reduce the mortality rate among newborn babies. According to Frances Likis, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health , the country has made progress in tackling the death rate among under-fives, with the figure...

Mozambique on course to achieve child mortality target

The Mozambique government is confident it will achieve its child mortality target. Authorities in the African nation want the death rate among under-fives to be two-thirds lower than the 1990 level by next year. According to Aiuba Cuereneia, the planning and development minister, the country has...