Newborn Health

Doctors 'functionally cure HIV in infant'

Doctors believe they have successfully cured a child who was born with HIV .

Zimbabwe 'may need to scrap free maternity care plans'

The government in Zimbabwe may need to scrap plans for free maternity care due to budgetary constraints. Health and child welfare deputy minister Dr Douglas Mombeshora said his ministry was set to receive US$10 million from the national budget for the maternity aid programme, but only US$6 million...

African maternal and newborn health 'improving'

Maternal and newborn health is, on average, improving across the whole continent of Africa, an expert has said.

Unicef hails progress on under-five mortality in Africa

Improvements in the child mortality rate among under-fives in Africa have been welcomed by Unicef. According to Anthony Lake, executive director of the body, "huge reductions" have taken place across the continent throughout the last two decades...

Ethiopia calls for more progress on tackling child mortality in Africa

More needs to be done to reduce child mortality rates in Africa, the Ethiopian government has said. According to Kesetebirhan Admasu, minister of health in the country, Africa is currently at a critical juncture in its efforts to meet targets such as its 2015 Millennium Development Goals.

Child mortality remains a problem in Namibia

A large number of children are still dying early in Namibia, a new report has revealed. According to a report by the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA), child mortality is a particular problem among the poorest sections of society, the New Era reports.

Pregnant South African women with HIV 'not getting treatment'

Many expectant mothers in South Africa who are HIV positive are failing to get the treatment they need to safeguard their child from the virus, a healthcare worker has stated.

Nigerian state hails declines in maternal and child deaths

Authorities in a Nigerian state have commended the success of efforts to save the lives of children and new mothers. The Delta State Government has been working to reduce child and maternal mortality rates in recent years and its methods have started to deliver positive results.

WHO hails progress on child survival

The World Health Organization (WHO) has hailed the improvement in child survival rates across the globe over the last year. According to the group, about 15 million children are born pre-term each year. However, WHO stated that the number of babies that survive is going up.

Unicef highlights Pakistan's problems with pneumonia and child mortality

A new report from the charity Unicef has highlighted the huge number of children dying from pneumonia in Pakistan. Dr Tariq Iqbal and Dr Aurangzaib Kamal visited the country this week and held a forum on the disease - which is caused by the bacterium Streptococcus Pneumonia - in conjunction with...