Greater cervical cancer awareness 'needed'

More needs to be done to raise awareness of cervical cancer among young women, it has been suggested.

Metal-based drugs 'could help tackle ovarian cancer'

Researchers have claimed that drugs derived from unusual metals could help the fight against certain cancers.

Gynaecological oncologists 'reduce cancer death risks'

Women with ovarian cancer are less likely to die from the disease if they are treated by specialist gynaecological oncologists, it has been claimed.

Cancer cell transmission 'a rare problem'

Transmission of cancer cells from a mother to her unborn baby is "a very rare problem", it has been claimed...

Women with cancer 'can transmit to foetuses'

Women suffering from cancer have the capacity to pass their illness onto their unborn child, a new study has shown.

Men 'should urge partners to check for cancer'

Men should encourage their female partners to go for regular medical check-ups, it has been claimed.

Indian cancer cases 'could be reduced'

A vaccination targeting HPV-16 and HPV-18 could eliminate 75 per cent of all cervical cancers in India, it has been reported.

Fast action 'crucial for those with cancer symptoms'

People who are worried they may be developing a cancer must act quickly to contact a doctor, it has been suggested.

UK researchers discover breast cancer gene link

Scientists claim to have identified a gene linked to over 50 per cent of all breast cancers, it has been reported.

Exercise 'reduces breast cancer risks'

Women who have been through the menopause may be able to minimise their risk of suffering from breast cancer by engaging in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, it has been reported.