Postpartum Hemorrhage

Save Mothers, Stop PPH

Jerker Liljestrand, FIGO Working Group on Postpartum Hemorrhage talks about our new initiative to implement a new approach to addressing postpartum hemorrhage.

FIGO Fellowship in Brazil

Noémia Mapasse is currently specialising as an OBGYN in Mozambique and was invited to Brazil as part of the FIGO International Fellowship Programme. She tells us of her experience as a trainee.

Be an advocate for better PPH management

FIGO urges our members to become advocates for maternal health to reduce death and disability from postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) and meet the SDG target.

New drug formulation could save more lives after postpartum haemorrhage

An altered drug to prevent excessive bleeding following childbirth could result in thousands of women’s lives being saved in low and lower-middle-income countries. This is according to a study led by the World Health Organization (WHO). Currently, WHO recommends oxytocin as the first method...

PPH leading to unnecessary deaths

Women across the globe are dying unnecessarily due to excessive bleeding after childbirth, in some of the poorest and most under-resourced regions.

Women in Scotland can take abortion pill at home

Women in Scotland are the first British women to be allowed to take misoprostol - the abortion pill - at home rather than in a clinic. Other nations, including Sweden and France, already allow women to take the medical abortion pill at home. Medical abortions involve taking two different medicines...

Cheap drug could save thousands from post-partum bleeding

A widely available drug could dramatically reduce the risk of death associated with bleeding after childbirth. A new study tested 20,000 women from around the world to see if the drug tranexamic (TXA) was beneficial. It was found that death as a result of bleeding was reduced by around 31 per cent...

Postpartum haemorrhage 'drastically reduced' in Kerala

Obstetrician-gynaecologists in Kerala, south-west India have praised a quality standards manual published by the state's Health Department that instructs staff in dealing with postpartum haemorrhage...

Unsafe abortions 'a major cause of maternal deaths in Ghana'

Unsafe abortions are still a major cause of maternal deaths in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, it has been claimed. According to the annual reports of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Ridge Hospital, Tema General Hospital and the La General Hospital, haemorrhage and hypertension are also common...