Safe Abortion

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Training Providers on Law and Clinical Norms

Dr Ines Boaventura, Project Coordinator for FIGO's Advocating for Safe Abortion Project discusses the current situation in Mozambique and her motivations for being an advocate...

Supporting FIGO Members to be Advocates

​FIGO's three-day advocacy and communications training builds capacity for our National Member Societies...

Research Supports Advocating for Safe Abortion

New research in ten countries reveals the challenges and opportunities for FIGO National Member Societies to advocate for safe abortion.

Closing policy gaps for survivors of sexual violence

Unsafe abortion continues to contribute significantly to maternal mortality and morbidity in Uganda.

Combatting maternal mortality in Cameroon

The Society of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians of Cameroon has officially launched their Advocacy for Comprehensive Abortion Care project.

Safe abortion is healthcare

Through our advocacy programmes, FIGO and National Member Societies are active voices for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights at the global and national levels...

Reducing Unsafe Abortion in Kenya: Where are We?

A court ruling has been made in support of reducing unsafe abortion in Kenya.

FIGO Statement for International Safe Abortion Day

FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics) is celebrating and supporting International Safe Abortion Day on September 28th 2019. FIGO regards reproductive choice, including access to safe abortion services, as a basic and non-negotiable tool for ensuring the human rights of every...

Young people realising their rights

Recognising both the particular disadvantages that youth populations experience in realising their rights to sexual and reproductive healthcare, and working with them as equal partners for change.