Women's Health & Rights

Asia and Pacific nations commit to reproductive health drive

Asian and the Pacific governments have affirmed a global action plan linking reproductive health, women's rights and development...

DR Congo women and children 'facing worst humanitarian crisis'

Sexual violence used against women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Africa's "worst humanitarian crisis", it has been suggested...

Female abuse 'must end to further development'

Violence and sexual abuse against women is the most pervasive, yet least recognised set of human rights violations in the world, it has been suggested.

Philippines introduces gender equality law

The Philippines has finally enacted gender equality legislation after years of lobbying from female rights campaigners.

Women 'reluctant to seek advice on vaginal dryness'

Most post-menopausal women are uncomfortable talking about vaginal dryness and pain and are reluctant to seek medical help, it has been claimed.

Palestinian mothers 'lack access to obstetric care'

Political unrest in Palestine makes it difficult for mothers and newborn babies to receive the necessary levels of medical care after birth, it has been claimed.

FIGO Issues Joint Statement with International Consortium for Emergency Contraception

FIGO has issued a Joint Statement with the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception (ICEC) on Mechanism of Action. The statement has also been translated into Spanish and it is hoped that a French translation will be available shortly. The statement can be obtained by clicking on the...