Women's Health

Maternal mortality rate in Uganda rises

Uganda's maternal mortality rate is now 438 mothers per 100,000 live births - higher than the 2006 rate of 435, said Charles Zirazema, acting director of the population secretariat. Speaking at a Kampala public dialogue, Mr Zirazema warned MPs that hopes of the country achieving Millennium...

'Hurried roll-out' of institutional delivery policy puts Indian women at risk

Indian women are thought to be facing an increased risk of maternal morbidity due to failings of staff and facilities at primary healthcare centres, it has been reported.

UNFPA provides Fiji with obstetric equipment

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has donated essential obstetric care equipment over to Fiji's Ministry of Health to help boost the provision of maternal care in the country...

Ugandan women 'need access to medical care to help lower the number of fistula cases'

The Ugandan Ministry of Health suggests that there could be up to 200,000 women living with obstetric fistula in the country. It is a condition which occurs when a hole develops between the bladder and vagina after complications during childbirth.

MamaYe campaign launched 'to improve maternal and newborn care in Africa'

Five Africa countries have launched a new campaign that aims to improve the awareness of poor maternal care in the continent. The MamaYe initiative will be rolled out across Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Tanzania – some of the countries with the highest maternal mortality rates in...