Women's Health

Exercise during pregnancy 'is good for you'

Mothers-to-be will not harm their unborn baby if they exercise, it has been suggested. Not only can exercise during gestation make labour easier, but it can also cut the risk of gestational diabetes. This form of diabetes is quite common during pregnancy as various hormones block the normal action...

High-fat pregnancy diet 'increases risk of birth defects'

Women who eat a high-fat diet during pregnancy may put their child at risk of birth defects, a new report has found. British researchers carried out a study on mice which showed a pregnant mother's diet could affect the genes of her unborn child, influencing types and severity of birth defects,...

Pregnant women 'should take vitamin D'

In the UK, pregnant women are being advised to take vitamin D supplements during their gestation. Despite official bodies currently offering conflicting advice, a team of researchers from University College London has said there is a "strong case" for having a daily dose of the vitamin...

New mums not convinced 'breast is best'

Campaigners believe the UK government should scrap the "breast is best" slogan because it is not actually leading to more mothers choosing to breastfeed. The slogan suggests breastfeeding is not the norm, according to the Breastfeeding Network, which argues that it should not be seen to...

NYC maternal mortality 'twice as high' as rest of US

The maternal mortality rates in New York City are twice as high as the rest of the US, it has been revealed. According to the report from the NYC Department of Health, black women are seven times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes.

Pill 'to combat' post-natal depression

A new pill that could reduce the symptoms of post-natal depression is being developed. Psychiatrists say the chemical-free food supplement will help stabilise the brain in the weeks and months after a women gives birth.

Nigeria seeks funds for family planning

Nigeria is working towards achieving the United Nations' (UN)-set Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015, but in order to meet the targets it needs to invest more money in family planning, it has been reported.

Uganda 'should invest more in maternal health'

United Nations (UN) agencies have urged Uganda to do more to reduce its maternal and infant mortality rates, it has been reported. In order to meet the UN Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets, which are aimed at reducing maternal and infant deaths in developing countries, by 2015, the country...

Plans to reduce maternal mortality rates in Zambia

The Zambian ministry of health is working with partners, including global charity UNICEF, to conduct a campaign to accelerate the reduction of the maternal mortality rate in the country.

Cambodian maternal mortality rates 'to be addressed at summit'

The rates of maternal mortality are expected to be addressed at a major global summit taking place this week. Cambodian officials will be going to Washington in the US to try and discuss the ways in which the number of deaths in the country can be reduced, reports the Phnom Penh Post.