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Women 'reluctant to discuss genetic testing' as cancer precaution

A new study has found that few women with family histories of breast or ovarian cancer are discussing genetic testing with their physicians.

Study could help predict women's menopause age

New research has identified the genetic factors which affect when a women begins the menopause, which may have implications for improved infertility treatments or help women plan their pregnancies bet

California clinic set up for heart patients in menopause

A specialised clinic for women at risk for heart disease who are also experiencing menopause symptoms has been established in Los Angeles, US.

Women 'reluctant to seek advice on vaginal dryness'

Most post-menopausal women are uncomfortable talking about vaginal dryness and pain and are reluctant to seek medical help, it has been claimed.

Women 'should have right to choose birth method'

Women who choose to have caesarean section births should not be criticised, according to a leading UK health expert.

Nigerian health centres 'helping to save lives'

Maternal and Child Centres in Lagos State, Nigeria, are helping to save the lives of mothers and their newborn infants, it has been claimed.

ACOG president vows to tackle postpartum depression

The new president of the FIGO-affiliated American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has vowed to combat postpartum depression during his time in office.