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Ovary removal 'may increase associated health risks'

A new study has suggested that women who have both ovaries removed during a hysterectomy are at greater risk of suffering death from other conditions such as coronary heart disease and lung cancer.

Midwife training 'can save lives in Pakistan'

Many women's lives could be saved if midwives in Pakistan received better access to training, it has been reported.

Breastfeeding 'may improve mother's health'

Women who breastfeed their babies may improve their own health prospects for later life, new research has indicated.

Maternal anxiety 'can increase asthma risk in newborns'

A new study has indicated that mothers who are anxious during pregnancy are 60 per cent more likely to have a child who later develops asthma than others.

Infertility 'a major problem in Nigeria'

Infertility in Nigeria can have serious consequences for affected women, a new report has indicated.

'Too early to tell' whether cancer cure has been found

It is too early to tell whether new discoveries about human genes could lead to a cure for cancer, according to a leading health organisation.

Stillbirth conference aims to raise awarness

A number of international charitable organisations are joining forces to examine the causes of prematurity and stillbirth in an attempt to identify and promote effective interventions.

Mozambique waiting houses 'reducing birth risks'

Waiting houses for pregnant women are being built in Mozambique as the country's government attempts to reduce its high rate of maternal mortality.

Yoga 'can reduce menopause symptoms'

Women going through menopause can reduce hot flushes and night sweats by participating in yoga exercises, it has been reported.

Mothers 'should be aware of birth options'

Women should be made more aware of the options available to them when it comes to how and where they give birth, it has been claimed.