Breast milk 'continually changes to meet infant's needs'

Breast milk "constantly" adapts according to the needs of a baby, one commentator has noted.

Sarah Montagu, administration secretary for the UK's Association of Radical Midwives, said formula milk is not as good for a child as breast milk.

Human milk, she said, is adapted to "the specific needs of our nature, which is different to a cow".

However, Ms Montagu added that women need to be given enough information to make an informed choice, adding that they should then be supported, whatever they decide.

"People have to be given information so that they are very clear about what the pros and cons of their choices are and they then have to be supported in their choices," she said.

Her comments follow research earlier this year by scientists at the University of Granada, Spain which found that breastfeeding could have an impact on a child's physical development.

Adolescents who were breastfed as babies had stronger leg muscles than those who were not, the research revealed.

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