FGM 'is one of the worst forms of gender violence'

Female genital mutilation (FGM) has been condemned as "one of the worst forms of gender violence".

According to Joram Wimmo of the Children's Dignity Forum (CDF), it is a practice which communities in Tanzania's Tarime District ought to reject, the Citizen reports.

This, he argued, would be for the "good of girls and women at large".

Mr Wimmo was speaking after research by the CDF revealed that in the next two months, over 4,000 females in Tarime District are set to undergo FGM.

The organisation has launched a campaign in the region to raise awareness of the risks of the procedure in an effort to stop it being carried out.

Figures from the World Health Organization show that about 92 million African females aged ten or above have been victims of FGM.

This could make them especially susceptible to infertility, urinary problems, infections and cysts, as well as difficulties when giving birth.

Posted by Paul Robertson

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