Hypnotic relaxation therapy 'can reduce menopause symptoms'

Women looking to reduce the symptoms of menopause could benefit from undergoing hypnotic relaxation therapy.

A new study carried out by Baylor University has found receiving the treatment over several sessions can lead to an 80 per cent drop in hot flashes.

Gary Elkins, a psychology professor at the institution, described this as a "very appealing" option for females who want control over their own therapy.

"It also has the advantages of cost savings and few or no side effects," he observed.

Professor Elkins described this study as the first test in which both physiological monitoring and self-reporting were compared, rather than "just a change in tolerance or ability to cope".

He said this method could provide a "safe and effective choice" for females who are experiencing the menopause, as well as help to cut wider healthcare costs.

Further tests on the benefits of using video and audio recordings are to be carried out in order to see whether the approach could be a viable and widely used way of reducing the symptoms of menopause.

Posted by David Smith

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