Indonesia criticised for 'legitimising FGM'

Authorities in Indonesia have been criticised for attempting to "legitimise" female genital mutilation (FGM).

According to Faiza Jama Mohamed, director of Equality Now in Nairobi, girls in the country are often forced to undergo the procedure when they are less than six weeks old, Women News Network reports.

This, she said, is increasingly being carried out by "medical professionals in a supposedly safe environment".

Ms Mohamed stated that since the victims are so young, they are unable to have any say in the decision, even though it "transforms their entire future".

She has therefore urged people to get behind Equality Now's campaign to end the "government legitimisation of FGM" in Indonesia and get its national ban on the practice put back in place straight away.

"All attempts to 'medicalise' FGM are steps in the wrong direction," Ms Mohamed insisted.

Indeed, she said it is counterproductive at a time when considerable progress on eliminating this "utterly unnecessary and destructive practice" is being achieved.

Posted by David Smith

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