FIGO launches LOGIC Toolkit

Through the FIGO LOGIC (Leadership in Obstetrics & Gynaecology for Impact and Change) Initiative in Maternal and Newborn Health, FIGO has been working to strengthen the organisational capacity of national professional associations of obstetrics and gynecology in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. 

The FIGO LOGIC Toolkit with organisational capacity strengthening resources and tools for health professional associations was developed as part of the FIGO LOGIC Initiative. It has been designed for health professional associations that are initiating organisational changes for the first time, as well as those that are seeking additional support to enhance selected organisational capacities. 

The FIGO LOGIC Toolkit brings together a collection of information, resources and tools for anyone interested in fostering organisational change within a health professional association, either through the conduct of occasional activities, or by initiating a more thorough capacity building process.

Reflecting LOGIC’s and other earlier experiences and lessons learnt from organisational capacity building in health professional associations, this toolkit is intended to be a starting point and reference for other health professional associations that want to enhance their capacity. 

Using the Toolkit will lead to better understanding of what makes an organisation strong; what the different elements of organisational capacity building are; how a change process can be initiated; and how practical activities can be conducted to support such change processes. 

FIGO wishes for this Toolkit to be a useful resource for FIGO Member Associations and other health professional associations around the world. 

Please access the FIGO LOGIC Toolkit here.

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