Poor access to water 'threatening child health'

Many children are falling ill and dying early because they cannot access clean water supplies, experts have warned.

According to WaterAid, access to water and sanitation is a "fundamental" human right.

However, director of policy and campaigns at the group Margaret Batty believes it is also a "key building block on progress on child health".

As a result, WaterAid is pushing for more to be done to improve conditions for those who cannot access safe water supplies and sanitation.

The charity stated that the consequences of this problem "impact on virtually all aspects of human development" and "disproportionately" affect the life chances of females across the globe.

Ms Batty said addressing the lack of water and sanitation is the "most effective way of tackling poverty and promoting economic development and growth".

She added that the issue must be a central part of whatever replaces the Millennium Development Goals after 2015.

Posted by Carla Mackenzie

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