Tanzania's CRC under pressure to tackle FGM

Officials in Tanzania are facing calls to take more action to prevent female genital mutilation (FGM).

The Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) has been holding meetings to garner people's views on what rules and regulations they would like to see changed, the Tanzania Daily News reports.

Several women flagged up FGM as a particular concern, with some arguing the procedure is barbaric and archaic.

The World Health Organization has already described the practice as a "violation of the human rights of girls and women", as well as a cause of many complications in childbirth.

FGM was said to have no health benefits for victims and has been linked with health issues including infections, infertility, cysts and urinary problems.

Females attending the CRC meetings also criticised laws that place women at a disadvantage, such as rules that mean widows cannot retain property they earned while they were married, as well as employment regulations that favour men.

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