Acupuncture 'can increase comfort during menopause'

Women going through the menopause may be able to make themselves more comfortable using acupuncture therapy, it has been claimed.

Non-natural menopause linked to lung cancer

An increased risk of lung cancer could be one of the side effects of premature menopause caused by medical interventions.

Discarded fallopian tubes 'may help stem cell research'

Brazilian researchers have claimed that discarded human fallopian tubes can prove to be a rich source of stem cells.

Obesity 'may reduce postmenopausal brain function'

Obesity may relate to a reduced volume of gray matter in the brains of postmenopausal women, a new study has suggested.

Diet planning 'can relieve menopause symptoms'

Women going through the menopause can make life more comfortable by eating the right foods, it has been claimed.

Study could help predict women's menopause age

New research has identified the genetic factors which affect when a women begins the menopause, which may have implications for improved infertility treatments or help women plan their pregnancies bet

California clinic set up for heart patients in menopause

A specialised clinic for women at risk for heart disease who are also experiencing menopause symptoms has been established in Los Angeles, US.

Women 'reluctant to seek advice on vaginal dryness'

Most post-menopausal women are uncomfortable talking about vaginal dryness and pain and are reluctant to seek medical help, it has been claimed.

Menstrual gene variants 'may offer treatment clues'

Efforts to prevent the onset of breast and endometrial cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease could be boosted by a new US study.