FIGO's Nutrition Checklist wins semi-final at the HSE-HIHI Spark Ignite awards

Sarah Louise quote

We are delighted to announce the FIGO Nutrition Checklist won the regional competition in the HSE-HIHI Spark Ignite awards!

The FIGO Nutrition Checklist is a brief nutritional questionnaire, developed in 2015 by the FIGO Initiative on Adolescent, Preconception and Maternal Nutrition. The Checklist consists of four sections, with questions on specific dietary requirements, body mass index, diet quality and micronutrients. The aim of these questions is to collect baseline information on weight and nutritional status that can inform health promoting conversations before or during pregnancy and identify nutritional issues that may require further assessment or intervention.

We are honoured to get through to the national final of the HSE-HIHI Spark Ignite 2021 competition, and win the regionals, with the FIGO Nutrition Checklist. This has been a great opportunity to highlight the importance and urgency of addressing nutrition with pregnant women. We look forward to working with Health Innovation Hub Ireland and FIGO to make the FIGO Nutrition Checklist available to all pregnant women and healthcare professionals. By promoting better diets, this simple and easy-to-use innovation holds great potential to improve the health of women and their children, now and in future generations.

Sarah Louise Killeen, FIGO PONI

Our Pregnancy, Obesity and Nutrition Initiative (PONI) have worked tirelessly to get the checklist to the level it is today, making it accessible to health practitioners in order to further improve the health and wellbeing of women.

The FIGO Nutrition Checklist is an acceptable, potentially feasible and validated clinical practice tool that can identify the regular consumption of unbalanced diets or other issues relating to nutrition and weight. We encourage doctors, family care physicians, community health workers and other relevant healthcare providers to consider the FIGO Nutrition Checklist and to think nutrition and weight first, at every contact.

For more information about the initiative, watch the 2020 webinar recording here, and discover more about their Supplement here. The issue includes new guidance for the management of obesity, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-partum, with practical recommendations, and is a useful resource for frontline practice in all healthcare settings.