Pregnancy, Obesity and Nutrition Initiative (PONI): FIGO releases new Supplement

Obesity has become the most common medical condition in women of reproductive age and it is predicted that by 2025 more than 21% of women in the world will have obesity. Obesity during pregnancy not only increases the mother’s risk of later NCDs but can also transfer the risk to the offspring through epigenetic mechanisms. FIGO’s Pregnancy and NCDs Committee have launched a new supplement to highlight the efforts to address the NCDs crisis by tackling malnutrition and obesity.

PONI supplement

This new supplement raises the importance of tackling malnutrition and obesity before, during and after pregnancy, to improve the long-term health of mothers and their children, and future generations.

The issue includes new guidance for the management of obesity, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-partum, with practical recommendations, and is a useful resource for frontline practice in all healthcare settings. A number of position papers and insights on the use of the FIGO Nutrition Checklist are also included which all focus on the importance of healthcare professionals to ‘think nutrition at every contact.

The PONI team, run under the PNCDs Committee of FIGOprovides key messages to promote the importance of malnutrition and obesity in pregnancy. They share and disseminate FIGO’s evidence-based guidelines and tools to improve frontline services and empower specialists to join the mission and address the challenge of obesity and malnutrition before, during and after pregnancy. 

Access the supplement here.