We have made every effort to make FIGO's website easy to use and accessible to everyone. We have aimed to make this site adhere to the following guidelines:-

  • HTML4/5
  • CSS 2/3.0
  • WCAG Version 2 (AA)

In order to validate our code, we have used Total Validator.

Total Validator

‘Total validator Pro’ is website validation tool, covering both validity and accessibility of website mark-up and styling code (CSS). Kept right up to date via live updates, ensuring it always tests against the latest W3C/WCAG specifications.

 It provides:

  • mark-up validation tool that validates against W3C specifications for HTML5.
  • Accessibility validation against WCAG (2.0), to AA standard.
  • CSS validation against W3C Standards (Level 3).


The FIGO website has been tested on most of today's leading browsers, for optimum viewing of the FIGO site we recommend a screen resolution of 1024x768.

The FIGO website has been tested in the following browsers:

  • Chrome 36
  • Firefox 31
  • Internet Explorer 11


Making our website fully accessible is an ongoing process and we are committed to offer a user friendly experience.

If you experience any problems or have any feedback please email us at [email protected]. For more information on how to make your browsing easier, visit My Web My Way website, a product of a partnership between the BBC and AbilityNet. The site provides advice and help to all those people who would benefit from making changes to their browser, operating system or computer to be able to view the web in a more accessible way.