FIGO in the news

Finnish doctors report rise in immigrant mothers with mutilated genitals
Sputnik International, Russia - 16 October, 2018

C-Sections Double Since 2000: Rich Too Many, Poor Too Few (subscription only)
Medscape, United States - 15 October, 2018

Médicos de 130 países debatem saúde da mulher em congresso no Rio de Janeiro
ND, Brazil - 15 October, 2018

Finnish hospitals see more babies born to mothers with FGM
Yle Uutiset, Finland - 14 October, 2018

C-section rates have nearly doubled worldwide since 2000
CBS News, United States - 12 October 2018


'Medically uncecessary' c-sections double in the UK
The Independant, UK - 12 October, 2018


'Epidemia de cesarianas' na America Latina preocupa ginecologists
Universera, Brasil -12 October, 2018

Caesarean section use has more than doubled globally since 2000
Science Daily, United States - 11 October, 2018


All you need to know about Ovarian Cancer
Punch News, Nigeria - 3 October, 2018


High-risk human papillomavirus status and prognosis in invasive cervical cancer: A nationwide cohort study
PLOS Medicine, San Francisco, United States - 1 October, 2018

XXII Congresso Mundial da FIGO 2018 debaterá os desafios para a qualificação da assistência em saúde à mulher no planeta
Portal Nacional de Seguros, Brazil - 17 September, 2018


What about women? The case for gendered NCD policies
Devex, Global - 13 September, 2018


Toxic environmental exposures in maternal, fetal, and reproductive health
Contemporary OB/GYN, USA - 12 September, 2018


Meet FIGO Fellow Dr Akter
CCBRT, Tanzania - 10 August, 2018


Cesarean Section Rates Going Up For Various Reasons 
TheRightDoctors, India - 28 May, 2018


Ireland must back abortion referendum to right serious wrong
Belfast Telegraph, Ireland - 22 May, 2018


Head of Savita Halappanavar inquiry calls for Yes vote
Irish Times, Ireland - 22 May, 2018


Delivery through C-section has become a global epidemic
Gulf News, UAE - 11 April, 2018