Syrian Refugee Crisis

A global emergency

The Syrian refugee crisis is an emergency that has not only a health burden, but many other social, educational, and family short and long term consequences.

Adolescent health and development

Teenage marriage and adolescent pregnancy can have an adverse effect on girls' health and development...
Investing in Africa's youth

Empowering Africa's young women

Investments made today in youth will determine the development trajectory of Africa over the next 50 years.

In Celebration of Breastfeeding

Jessica explains why she loves breastfeeding, and why we must ensure that everyone knows more about the benefits.

Breastfeeding: Foundation for Life

Breastfeeding is regarded as the best foundation for life for newborn infants, and has health benefits for new mothers too.

Environmental factors facing women's health

Environmental factors have been strongly linked to women's ability to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy...

Reproductive Health should not be a Political Football

The Global Gag Rule challenges efforts to provide effective reproductive health and family planning services to women.

The right to establish a family

" I am so happy I made this choice and I was given the opportunity to preserve my fertility. I have been able to become a mum."...

Preserving male fertility

Male fertility may be impaired in terms of sperm quality and quantity, as well as erectile and ejaculation dysfunctions, by specific types of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.

Removing shackles of abortion restrictions in Ireland

The landslide campaign victory in the Irish referendum paves the way for compassion and care to govern women's reproductive health...

Scholarships & Fellowships for UK & Ireland now open

The Wellbeing of Women awards fund the brightest and best future stars in women’s reproductive health...

Preserving female fertility

There are techniques that give a reasonable chance to protect women’s fertility following chemotherapy or radiotherapy...

False websites claiming to be FIGO 2018

We strongly recommend that anyone attending the FIGO World Congress uses ONLY the official website for registration and accommodation requests