The ability for women to choose how many children she wants, and when she wants to have them - if at all - is a human right. It is central to women’s empowerment, reducing poverty, and achieving sustainable development.

Currently 214 million women who want to avoid pregnancy have an unmet need for family planning. Making safe, effective contraceptive methods available to more women will result in fewer unintended pregnancies, fewer women and girls dying in pregnancy and childbirth - including from unsafe abortions - and fewer newborn deaths.

FIGO works to increase access to quality, rights-based contraceptive care and counselling.

Since 2013, we have partnered with many of our National Member Societies to institutionalise postpartum family planning services into routine maternity care. Midwives, health workers, doctors and delivery unit staff are trained in contraceptive counselling to support each woman in choosing a method that meets her individual needs.