FIGO PPIUD Webinar Series

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar series on FIGO’s Postpartum IUD initiative in June 2020. Over the series we were joined by more than 1800 participants, from over 70 countries across the globe from six WHO regions.  Our participants included hospital clinicians, representatives from government and international agencies, and non-governmental organisations. 

We shared knowledge and insights from our PPIUD Initiative focusing on providing and increasing access to quality Post Partum Family Planning (PPFP) services from six countries (Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Tanzania), as well as research on the cost-effectiveness of PFFP in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Rwanda.

The highlights include the role of ‘on-the-job’ training as an efficient and cost-effective way of improving the quality of PPFP counselling in Nepal, whilst in Tanzania, this was achieved through integrating PPIUD into pre-service medical school training. From Sri Lanka experience was shared in working alongside the government to nationalise PPFP service provision and integrate PPIUD services into national policy.

The importance of task-sharing in increasing access to PPIUD services was highlighted in India, whilst in Kenya working with Community Health Volunteers was key to increasing women’s access to PPFP services. From Bangladesh we learnt the importance of quality family planning counselling in increasing family planning and PPIUD uptake.

Alongside these country-specific insights we were able to share analysis of the cost-effectiveness of PPIUD provision and wider PPFP methods in Rwanda, Tanzania and Bangladesh, as well as the cost savings made if these services were scaled up on a national level.

All recordings and resources from the webinar can be found on this page, including supplementary questions and answers from the webinar series.


Webinar 1: Three country perspectives on training and partnerships for quality PPFP services

National member societies from Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Nepal share learnings on collaborative partnerships to improve PPFP/PPIUD training. Topics included: On the Job training, working alongside governments and pre-service training.


Webinar 2: Three country perspectives on improving access to quality PPFP services

National member societies from India, Bangladesh and Kenya share learnings on innovative ways of improving access to quality PPFP services. Topics included: task sharing, the role of community health workers and quality counselling.


Webinar 3: Global perspectives on the cost effectiveness of Postpartum Family Planning

This webinar shared research findings and learning on the cost effectiveness of postpartum contraception and specifically PPIUD across several countries.