Abortion should be in G8 plan, say Canadians

A poll conducted in Canada has revealed that the majority of people in the country oppose their prime minister's decision not to fund safer abortions in developing countries.

Some 58 per cent of respondents in the Canadian Press-Harris Decima survey said that Stephen Harper should not exclude abortion funding in his drive to improve maternal and infant health in developing nations.

The World Bank recently announced its five-year plan designed to reduce maternal and infant death rates in developing countries around the world.

It hopes to improve family planning, providing people with more access to contraception and better sex education.

More than 350,000 women die each year because of complications that arise during pregnancy or childbirth.

The bank has released its scheme, called the Reproductive Health Action Plan, in an attempt to help developing countries meet the target mortality rates outlined by the United Nations in their Millennium Development Goals initiative, which should be achieved by 2015.