Fertility drugs 'not linked to ovarian cancer'

A new study has found the use of fertility drugs does not increase the risks of developing ovarian cancer.

Researchers from the Danish Cancer Society studied data from 54,362 women with infertility problems between 1963 and 1998.

Of these women, 156 developed ovarian cancer and the researchers examined four different groups of fertility drugs used commonly over the period.

They found there was no increased risk for ovarian cancer after the use of any of the fertility drugs.

"Our results show no convincing association between the overall risk for ovarian cancer and use of fertility drugs, and are generally reassuring," said the study authors.

A number of the participants had not yet reached the peak age for ovarian cancer, so they will continue to be monitored, they added.

Scientists from Kings College London recently found that 'baby boomers' born after world war two have seen increased rates of gynaecological cancers associated with the human papilloma virus.