FGM cases found in Swedish school

As many as 60 cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) have been found in a single community in eastern Sweden since March, according to Swedish news provider The Local.

School health services in Norrköping reportedly identified the issue when it emerged that all 30 of the girls in a single class had been subjected to the practice.

Of those, 28 had undergone the most severe form of FGM in which the clitoris and labia are both completely removed and the genital area sewn together except for one small opening.

Local social services have made extra resources available to support the girls, while the school told Norrköpings Tidningar that it is planning to inform parents they could go to prison if they subject children to the practice.

FGM has been banned in Sweden for more than three decades and can carry a prison sentence of up to four years. In aggravated cases that can rise to ten years.

Since 1999 it has also been against the law to take girls abroad to be subjected to FGM