'Higher risks' for IVF twins

Twins who are born using fertility treatment have a higher risk of hospital admission than twins who are conceived naturally, it has been reported.

According to a study published in the Human Reproduction journal, the likelihood of pre-term birth, low birthweight and infant mortality increases in such instances.

Speaking about the report, Sarah Montagu, admin secretary for the UK-based Association of Radical Midwives, said "the main risk with any multiple pregnancy is prematurity".

"There's a greater likelihood of babies being born early. I'm not sure with naturally conceived twins, particularly identical twins – perhaps that can happen. It seems slightly more likely to happen with IVF twins," she added.

Ms Montagu said that infertile couples have a huge burden wanting to have a baby, but it is possible to temper that strong desire with realistic advice.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority claimed last month that more women than ever are undergoing fertility treatment in a bid to conceive.ADNFCR-2094-ID-19188093-ADNFCR