Multiple IVF cycles improve fertility chances

A new study has shown that having more than one round of IVF can increase the chances of a couple having a baby.

The research, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, analysed more than 56,000 women from Australia and New Zealand who underwent fertility treatment.

It found that a third had a baby from their first cycle, but for those who went to eight rounds, the chance of success increased to between 54 per cent and 77 per cent.

The wide range is given because some women did not have eight rounds of IVF, so the lowest estimate presumes that females would not have had a baby even if they had more cycles.

The researchers say their study offers a clearer estimate of how rates of success can improve with multiple rounds of IVF. However, they did highlight that the likelihood of conceiving can vary depending on age.

"If you keep coming back for more treatment, your success rate ends up being higher," said co-author Prof Michael Chapman from the University of New South Wales.