Muslim Council of Britain: FGM ‘un-Islamic’

Female genital mutilation is “un-Islamic” and is bringing the faith into disrepute, according to the Muslim Council of Britain.

The London Evening Standard reports that UK’s leading Muslim organisation is campaigning to show followers of the religion that FGM is contrary to Islam, and should be eliminated to avoid doing harm to girls.

It is false that the practice is a requirement of Islam, the faith group says, and to clarify its position it will be distributing leaflets to mosques and community centres across the country demonstrating its support for an end to FGM.

African women’s campaign group Forward helped the Muslim Council of Britain to put together the campaign material. Chairwoman Dr Soheir Elneil told the news provider that the leaflets will be a vital sign of progress in the fight against the practice.

“This is the first time such a publication has been achieved with the full cooperation and support of the relevant parties, and we hope all those working in FGM will find it a helpful tool in the work that they do,” she added.

The leaflet explains that FGM jeopardises the health of women and girls and brings Islam into disrepute, since it is not a requirement in the Qu’ran