New emergency contraception pill approved

The US Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) has announced it is approving the new emergency contraceptive pill known as ella.

Already available in 22 countries in the world, the tablet provides women with the option of preventing pregnancy up to 120 hours, or five days, after unprotected sex.

The drug has been available in Europe since May last year as a prescription-only tablet.

It is a progesterone agonist/antagonist which is believed to work by inhibiting or delaying ovulation.

The side effects of the drug include headache, abdominal pain, nausea, pain/discomfort during menstruation, fatigue and dizziness, but these are not dissimilar to those of other emergency contraceptive pills which are already on the market.

Recently, Boots, the biggest chemist in Britain, announced plans to sell the morning after pill on the internet.

If the plans go ahead, it could allow people to buy the contraceptive tablet from the chemist's website without seeing a doctor or pharmacist, reported the Daily Mail.