Statement By The FIGO President On Medicalisation Of FGM

Professor Gamal Serour - FIGO President - is deeply concerned and alarmed at the terrible news that has recently surfaced supporting medicalisation of some forms of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting ('FGM/C'). 

FIGO - an international Federation embracing 124 member societies of obstetricians and gynecologists in the developed and developing world -  strongly condemns all forms of FGM/C, performed by traditional or medical personnel in all countries and all communities around the globe, as they are harmful, unethical, with no benefits whatsoever, and are against the code of medical practice.  

FIGO strongly condemns all past, present or future calls to medicalise any form of FGM/C.  FIGO affirms its firm stance on this issue as outlined in its previous resolution, guidelines, publications and conjoint statements.  

FIGO welcomes the withdrawal of the decision of the few organisations who issued or considered the issue of statements implying the support of any form of FGM/C.