Strawberries could 'protect against breast cancer'

Strawberries could offer some protection against breast cancer, according to a recent scientific study. Researchers have found that eating just 15 strawberries every day might help lower women's risk of developing aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Equivalent to a punnet of strawberries a day, scientists found that eating this many strawberries on a daily basis for five weeks seemed to stop the spread of cancer and actually caused some cancerous tumours to shrink.

Using cancer cells from a particularly aggressive and invasive type of breast cancer, researchers used animal models to assess what effect the fruit could have on prevention and treatment. 

It is thought that the phenolic plant compounds in strawberries block the biological processes that cause cancerous tumours to grow and spread. Not only does this stop genes that are vital for cancer metastasis to become less active, it also makes a gene believed to stop cancer spreading to become more active.

While the researchers have said it is unclear whether similar results will occur within human models, this research could lead to new treatment and prevention options.ADNFCR-2094-ID-801834932-ADNFCR